Joaquin and Jocelyn

WHEN popular new community Stonehill was announced two years ago, it wasn’t a hard decision for Dr Joaquin and Dr Jocelyn Benedicto to buy their dream block of land there.

The couple had been living in Bacchus Marsh for five years and loved the perks of living a short distance from Melbourne, while still enjoying the “rural” feel of Bacchus Marsh.

“In 2010, we were informed that Devine would be developing an estate called Stonehill,” said Jocelyn. “We were ecstatic with the fact that we would be able to build our very own home in a beautifully located estate at Bacchus Marsh that was only a short distance to the train station, school, parks, shops, golf course and hospital.”

When the community was launched to market, the couple quickly contacted Stonehill sales consultant Graeme Greeves for information on land.

“He assisted us all the way from the very first time we enquired regarding the land, accommodating our preferences and tirelessly sending us information and updates,” she said.

With Graeme’s assistance, the couple purchased a 596sqm block of land. The purchase has lived up to all of their expectations.

“As we get closer to moving into our newly built home, we have no regrets in purchasing our land at Stonehill,” said Jocelyn. “Stonehill is an A-class community with wonderful scenic views and proximity to a range of amenities.  And given the opportunity and if our finances permit, we would like to invest again in one of Devine’s developments in the area.”

Long and ThuyLong and Thuy

Stonehill is celebrating an exciting new milestone with the arrival of its very first residents, Long Doan and Thuy Hoang.

The couple said they were thrilled to move into their first new home together.

“We’re excited to start this new chapter of our lives. Everything is new and fresh – from our modern new home to the fantastic new Stonehill community,” Chuy said.

The couple, who own a local takeaway business, are thrilled with their purchase of a Sunrise home and land package featuring three bedrooms, spacious living room, modern kitchen and a garage.

Thuy said Stonehill appealed to them because of its great location and amenities.

“We had been renting a home in Bacchus Marsh for a year to see how we liked the community,” she said. “After a year, we realised that we really loved the area and wanted to make our home here. Stonehill is great because it’s not too far from the city, but it’s not busy like Melbourne.  The community also has good access to transport and shops and there is a grammar school nearby.”

She said they had decided to build with Devine following good ‘word of mouth’. 

“Devine has a great reputation and the company has exceeded our expectations,” she said.

“The home buying process, from signing our contract to the construction of our new home, has been very quick and we’re extremely pleased with the results.”

Kim JohnstonKim

Construction worker Kim Johnston is getting ready to build a new life at Devine’s exciting new Stonehill community at Bacchus Marsh.

The 25-year-old first home buyer recently purchased a Devine block of land for $145,000 at Stonehill and has just started construction on a new project home.

Kim said the Stonehill community, which is conveniently located just 40 minutes by car from the Melbourne CBD, was just what he’d been looking for.

“I really liked the pictures of Stonehill when I was looking around; they really appealed to my lifestyle,” he said. “I’d seen a few projects previously done by Devine and they were very well done. Stonehill looked very promising so I decided to go ahead.”

He said buying with Devine had been a great experience and there had been “no problems whatsoever”.


A small-town atmosphere and ground breaking affordability led to Bonnie McNaughton’s recent decision to buy at the exciting new Stonehill community at Bacchus Marsh.

The first home buyer, 26, recently purchased a home and land package at the popular Devine community, which is located approximately 40 minutes from Melbourne. “I’d heard some good things about Devine from my colleagues and I was keen to find out more,” she said.

“When I first saw Stonehill, I was very impressed. It’s very central - it’s close to Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat. It’s also very affordable. If I had bought closer to Melbourne, a new home would have been nearly double the price and a renovator’s delight.”

Bonnie ended up selecting a $290,000 Como home and land package, which features a three-bedroom home with a flexi room and a double garage. “I really liked the design; it has a great flow from the front of the home to the back.”

Purchasing her first home was an easy, streamlined process with Devine and now Bonnie is looking forward to the start of construction process. “I’m very excited,” she said. “It’s been great to be able to choose a home design that suits my requirements and my lifestyle.”


Buying a block of land at Devine’s Stonehill community at Bacchus Marsh has proven a great investment for first home buyer Sharon Spiteri.

Sharon recently purchased a $145,900 homesite at the new community and couldn’t be more pleased.  She is currently leasing the block out as an investment. “It’s a great way to start out on the property ladder,” she said. “It’s an opportunity for me to get some income while I think about what kind of home I’d like to build at Stonehill.” She said it was an easy choice to buy land at Bacchus Marsh.

“It was affordable and I liked the country atmosphere of Stonehill.  I could also see the potential for growth in the region.  The area is really coming along.”

A client services manager at Devine, Sharon said she had complete trust in the company and was looking forward to building with it.  “I know the quality of the work and the professionalism of the staff – that’s why I’ve chosen to buy at Stonehill.  I also know the area and the product inside out.”


Excellent affordability and a top location were the key reasons first home buyer Kelly Borradale decided to build at Devine’s new Stonehill community at Bacchus Marsh.

Kelly, 31, recently purchased a $133,900 homesite at the stunning community.

“I really liked the idea of building my first home and starting afresh, after 12 years of renting” she said. “Affordability was also a big issue. Buying closer to the city was too expensive and not an option. Stonehill was the perfect solution.

“Bacchus Marsh has a nice country feel, which really appealed to me. I also loved the locality. The community is very close to the train station and the shops.  It’s only a short drive to Werribee where my family live and which comprises a major shopping centre. Also as a city worker and huge AFL (Collingwood) fan, the short distance to the Melbourne CBD was a real plus.

“Buying land with Devine has been great. It’s been very straightforward and they have provided me with lots of information, which has been very helpful as a first home buyer,” she said.

Construction on her three-bedroom home will start in approximately five weeks.

*Subject to contract and availability.  $5,000 deposit only available on selected blocks subject to approval by Devine Pty Ltd. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. $355,000 land price is for a 448m2 block.